Oregon Pro Day

March 10 2011 – I had a great Pro Day! I was really happy with my results from the combine so I just did the position workouts at the end.  After I finished the D-line drills I was asked by several teams to run some tight end routes. I will admit my routes need a little work, but the old hands still work great.


Brooklyn and I got to watch Brandon at his Pro Day and it was a lot of fun. I can’t believe how well he deals with these potentially stressful situations. The moment I walked into the “Mo” center I felt nervous, but Brandon seemed calm as could be. I asked him how he was feeling before he started the drills and his response was, “Great!” He was excited to go out there and do what he loves. It makes me so happy to watch Brandon out there on the field. He truly loves the game… you can just see it in his face.